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Patent Licensing Advisor : Seizo Tanaka
Patent Licensing Advisor : Seizo Tanaka   A university is a treasury of intellectual property such as patents and the seeds of technology, ideas and know-how as a result of various types of research. These intellectual properties, however, are not fully utilized within their industries. In order to vitalize the economy and promote development within the region, we need to make new attempts in various fields and one of the ways of doing this is by utilizing the intellectual property of the universities.
  Niigata TLO Inc. was established for the purpose of a better industry-academia collaboration as an agent between those two worlds. It has been making great efforts to contribute to our regional industries. We hope that you make the best use of the services provided by both Niigata TLO and the Patent Licensing Advisor. It would be our great pleasure to help you find the right answers for your needs.
The Role of a Patent Licensing Advisor
  1. Introducing the seeds of technology and inventions created at universities.
  2. Introducing to the industry the needs for new technology development or the solutions to technical problems from universities.
  3. Providing a consulting service for issues regarding technology transfers.
  4. Providing information on various grant programs.
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