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Message from Niigata TLO INC
Yoji Yuki, President of Niigata TLO Inc.
Yoji Yuki, President of Niigata TLO Inc.   Niigata TLO Inc. was founded in November 2001 as the 25th TLO in Japan. This was done with the aim of becoming the bridge between the academic and industrial world by transferring abundant intellectual property derived from research at the universities and colleges in Niigata Prefecture to various industries. Thus, promoting collaborative researches between the two communities.
  Having Niigata University and Niigata Institute of Technology as our shareholders, our company has become the first TLO in Japan to receive investments from universities. After we successfully transferred the technology of the hydrogen gas sensor (Invented by the researcher of Niigata University) our case has become one of the national intellectual property circulation models. Furthermore, we were honored to receive the Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology Prize in 2006. This hydrogen sensor that was invented at Niigata University was also chosen to be one of the “100 Innovations from Academic Research to Real-World Application” in the Better World Report issued by AUTM (The Association of University Technology Managers) in 2007 to attract worldwide attention.
  Niigata Prefecture has more than 3,000 researchers in research institutes such as Niigata University and their leading-edge technologies can be matched with the many institutes throughout the world. We hope that the partnership between the skilled researchers of Niigata Prefecture and local industries will contribute to the vitalization of the businesses both in the region and around the country.
  Japan has witnessed a vigorous movement towards international industry-academia collaborations in the recent years. Globalization always starts with localization of the region. We would like to offer you our service as an experienced international agent and also to become the bridge for the international business and research collaborations.
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